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Winter is the best time for laser tattoo removal.

Once you’ve made the decision that you want to get your tattoo removed there are probably lots of questions you’re left with. One of them may be when you should be getting your tattoo removed. Good news – it’s right now. Winter is coming, and that means it’s time to lose that tattoo.

Goodbye Sun

You and the sun during your tattoo removal are not friends, which makes this the number one reason to get your tattoo removal done and dusted in winter. With summer comes the suns rays, which can come with a host of problems for those wanting to get laser tattoo removal. The winter months in Tasmania are dark and cold and your tattoos are usually covered under 5 layers of clothing the entire time, not to mention the sun rarely makes an appearance. Makes sense so far, right?

Sunburn on your tattoo you want lasered off will mean you have to hold off getting zapped for a few weeks, alternatively if you get sunburnt on your freshly lazered tattoo you risk potentially opening yourself up to a host of complications. What we are trying to say is avoiding all this is much easier during the upcoming winter months.

My Skin is Changing
You may also notice a difference in your skin pigmentation as the winter months come in. This isn’t just the loss of your natural tan, but many scientific studies have shown that during the winter months your skin literally get fairer, and your pigmentation changes. This is due to shedding layers of skin because its cold AF and due to the lack of sunlight. When we expose our skin to the suns UV rays, it increases the production of melanin which in turn leads to a nice looking tan or potentially a nasty burn. When you are tanned (or burnt) its more difficult for the laser to identify the darker pigmentations of the tattoo and erase them effectively. Generally speaking, those with lighter skin tones are better candidates for laser tattoo removal than those kids with year round tanned skin. Finally, a win for the pale people of the world! #palegirlproblems

You will also want to avoid soaking your freshly lasered body, which means staying away from spas, pools and the beach (sorry). As you can imagine, this might dampen your summer plans quite a bit. Just saying.

New body who dis?

Has it not been the dream of almost everyone to change their body during winter to reveal a brand-new “summer ready” body? You can make that dream a reality with relatively no hard work on your end by getting your body ready for summer in a different way. Getting rid of that tattoo that you’ve been covering up for forever is the perfect way to achieve that.

Maybe your goal is to get a new tattoo over the area, one that you want to be proud to show off to the world. Or perhaps you want a completely clean slate. Whatever your reason, getting your tattoo lasered in winter can achieve that summer body you’ve been dreaming of.

It Won’t Happen Overnight.

Tattoo removal is not just a one and done process. Tattoo removal takes time, and many sessions, spaced out across weeks. Depending on your skin type, the size of the tattoo, the colours of the tattoo and how long you’ve had the tattoo can make the amount of treatments vary wildly. As a rule we like to wait a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks between appointments. Remember, this process takes time, there is no overnight miracle cure for tattoo removal. Getting it done in winter gives your body time to get the process well and truly started before summer hits and the sun comes out and your clothes come off.

On top of all this information it’s important to note that since you will be spending so much time with your laser technician, you will want someone who knows what they’re doing – and also someone who has a personality, that will make your sessions something you may even look forward to.  

Now you know the why for getting your tattoo removed this winter, all there is left to do is book in for a free consultation. White Rabbit Laser Tattoo Removal offer a judgement-free and relaxed setting while giving you the professional care your tattoo and skin needs.

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